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Construct beautiful city zones with plenty of modern blocks and keep your residents happy by providing all the services they need! Make a huge profit as you create your very own Megapolis. Upgrade houses, structures, and other buildings as you work your way through the campaign mode, or play your own custom scenarios. Build your own city in this fast-paced and exciting Strategy game!
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1 Rakesh  
Beautifully written, and I esllpiacey like the line: His eyes told stories about the gypsy you saw in the corner. I also loved the pictures and seeing what a fascinating life you've had. I'm also 28, so happy early birthday! So far, I have to say that 28 is better than 27, but of course we both know that all ages are what you make of them. Really enjoyed reading this, and I made sure to have time to take it in when I saw the post title: Dancing with Fear. That is so true. It makes up life, but dancing with it, rather than fighting it, is much more graceful, and from what little I know of you, I can tell you possess grace. Best of luck with your r-e-u-n-i-o-n (for some reason it just seemed right to write it that way). I have a feeling all will be well.And I wore a lot of things in the 90 s I would not be as brave to post online. I was all over the polka dots, the one colored Target basics collection, and spandex pants. Yeah, I was pretty hot!

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